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Diceless Random Number Generators

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  2. ARSINO D6


What is up, here are three random number generators so you can roll dice without any dice for when you are gaming on the go!

The first two you can do entirely in your head. The third will require printing or copying a sheet of paper.


I’ve seen variations of this one around, but here I am presenting ARSINO d6 by Colin Kloecker of Terribly Beautiful Games as the canonical version.

All you have to do is remember the word “ARSINO”. Then look around for any printed word. A sign, a poster, a label. Anything. Start reading it, and stop when you come across a letter also present in ARSINO. That letter’s number position in ARSINO is your result: A = 1, R = 2, S = 3, I = 4, N = 5, O = 6.

Repeat as needed.

Other dice sizes:

If you have no coin, just “roll” d6. If the letter you find appears in the first half of the word, count that as Heads. If it appears in the last half of the word, count that as tails.



I don’t know what to call this one. The “Multiply By Six” method? Its author calls it “multiply-with-carry” so we’ll go with that despite it not being very evokative.

  1. Pick any random 2 digit number to begin with. e.g. 42

  2. Multiply the ones digit by six, and add it to the tens digit. e.g. 4 + 2 * 6 = 4 + 12 = 16

  3. The result is the ones digit of the new number. e.g. 6

  4. Repeat steps 2 - 4 with your new number. i.e. 16

Example sequence:

Current Next Result
42 16 6
16 37 7
37 45 5
45 34 4
34 27 7
37 45 5

Uh oh, this sequence repeats. Maybe you could use it for a while and then choose a new seed.

Source: George Marsaglia on the sci.math usegroup via hillelwayne:


This one lacks the benefit of the first two in that you can’t do it in your head with no other materials. It is kind of neat though.

First download and print out the sheet. Or copy it down by hand onto a sheet of paper.

  1. Randomly choose a letter A - F to begin with.

  2. Flip the book around a few times to randomize its orientation. It can be read upside down, right side up, frontwards, and backwards.

  3. Turn to the page number indicated by your chosen letter.

  4. Read the number number next to your chosen letter. This is your result. It is also the page number for your next roll.

Subsequent rolls are similar: flip the book around a few times, and then turn to the page number from step 4. Select a random letter A - F, and look up your result / next page number. Repeat.



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