Dozens and Dragons

There is a giraffe who wants to get the best leaves but its neck is too short

a roleplaying game



  1. About
  2. Create a Giraffe
  3. Doing Stuff (Basic)
  4. Doing Stuff (With Dice!)
  5. Results
  6. Special Rolls
  7. End


This is a roleplaying game. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. You are a giraffe

  2. You want to get the best leaves

  3. They are so high up the tree

  4. Your neck is too short and you cannot reach them.

  5. Sorrow! Hunger! Yearning!

Create a Giraffe

  1. Name your giraffe

  2. Choose one ADJECTIVE to describe your giraffe. e.g. brave, sneaky, observant.

  3. You have one attribute called GIRAFFE. It starts at 3.

Doing Stuff (Basic)

Here’s the basic procedure for doing stuff:

  1. Describe the situation

  2. Describe what you want to do.

  3. You do it.

  4. Describe the outcome.

Doing Stuff (With Dice!)

Sometimes an action is risky or the outcome is uncertain. In that case, start with the procedure above (describe the situation and describe what you want to do), but then roll a six-sided die.

If you are attempting to do something giraffe-like, bestial, or animal-like, you must roll under your GIRAFFE attribute.

If you are attempting to do something that is more human-like, that relies on extra cunning or deception or detailed planning or abstract reasoning, you must roll over GIRAFFE.

If you can apply your ADJECTIVE to the situation, roll twice and take the best result.


If your roll is successful, describe the positive outcome.

If you fail, describe your failure. Alternatively, describe a partial success, or a success at cost.

Special Rolls


If your GIRAFFE attribute reaches 6, you evolve into the platonic ideal of a giraffe. Your neck is so long. You can easily reach all the best leaves.

If GIRAFFE reaches 1, you devolve into a miserable human. You never get the best leaves. Instead you have to go get a job and work for the rest of your life.

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