Dozens and Dragons

Every game I played in 2022

a year in review



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This is every tabletop role-playing game I played in 2022.

The running gamelog is updated on this site at gamelog, which is built from a plaintext database that you can find at

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I played 39 games. That’s 15 more games than last year! 25 as a player, 14 as a facilitator.

6 of them were campaigns, only one of which was completed (Strixhaven). The others are all dead or on infinite hiatus.

Format: this was the year of Live Text, in which we set a time to meet up like in a traditional online game. But then instead of turning on cameras and microphones, we just type live text. Usually timeboxed to 60 - 90 minutes. Six of my games were live text, and I enjoyed it a lot. Six were Play By Post which I also enjoy a lot. The rest were some kind of traditional virtual tabletop + cameras online play.

Highlights and Awards


It was a good year! I played a lot, had a lot of fun. I feel like I made a few friends along the way, which is the real treasure, isn’t it? I learned some about mechanics and making games, and got to tell/be a part of some rad stories. What’s not to like?

The Whole List

  1. Troika!, 13 Story Bizarre (DM)

  2. Pathfinder, Agents of Edgewatch (Player)

  3. Smithy of Sacrilege, Anvil (Homebrew) (Player)

  4. Troika, Acid Death Fantasy (Player)

  5. Risus, To Kill A God (Player)

  6. 2-bit, Numenera (Player)

  7. D&D 5e, Zigs and Dragons (Player)

  8. Cthulhu Dark, Arkham 1628 (DM)

  9. Brindlewood Bay, Dad Overboard (DM)

  10. D&D, Strixhaven (DM)

  11. maze rats, Nyolibhotep’s sewers (Player)

  12. Facing the Titan, facing the titan (Player)

  13. Old School Essentials, Lichway (Player)

  14. Trophy Gold, a game of trophy gold (Player)

  15. Thousand Year Old Vampire, Orion Valentine (Player)

  16. Tricube Tales, Guardians of the Shadow Frontier (Player)

  17. Dragonfly D6, dragonflyd6 (Player)

  18. none/fkr, Cap’n Mushroom and the Case of the Red Slipper (Player)

  19. Adventure Skeletons, Boneheads (DM)

  20. plasma torch, untitled (Player)

  21. Brindlewood Bay, Good Buy, Cruel World (DM)

  22. Shoes In The Dark, Basement Quest (DM)

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