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I started a play-by-post game of Tricube Tales by Zadmar. It is very lightweight and has a novel metacurrency, and I’m enjoying it.

I made a little quickref cheatsheet for the core rules, and thought I would post it here.

You should of course read the full rules for a more complete understanding of the game, and also support the artist by purchasing their work.

Character Creation

  1. Choose a trait—agile, brawny, or crafty—and create a concept.


  2. Create a perk—a special item, talent, or ability—and a quirk, a flaw or hinderance.


  3. Start with 3 karma tokens and 3 resolve tokens. Resolve are like hit points from other games. Karma will be elaborated on below.

Doing Stuff

  1. GM determines the type of roll—agile, brawny, or crafty—and its difficulty

  2. Roll 2d6 and read your single highest roll. If the type of roll matches your character trait, roll 3d6. If the roll is far outside your character concept and perks, roll 1d6.

Difficulty Meet or beat
Easy 4
Standard 5
Hard 6

Failure usually means losing resolve, or accepting a condition or a complication.

If you succeed on 2 or more dice, that is a critical success.

If you roll all 1s, that is a critical failure.


Karma is the metacurrency of the game.

To make things interesting, the GM can offer a player karma at any time in exchange for a complication.


Some tasks cannot be accomplished in a single roll.

In this case the GM will specify a number of effort tokens, each of which must be defeated by a successful roll.

Example: A hoarde of goblins. Their large number is respresented by 3 effort tokens. That is, you must roll 3 successes to defeat them all.


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