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It is Time To Plant The Beans

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Day 1

Okay guess what it’s time to plant some beans and grow some cats. It’s only 20 days till the Fancy Cat Fair.

This year I am going to win the blue ribbon.

I have six lucky beans that I bought from Sneed’s Feed And Seed with the last of my money.

Today I tilled the earth and planted the beans. Back breaking work. But I feel happy and optimistic.

Day 2

Today’s weather is heavy wind!

Luckily none of my beans have grown enough to be knocked over.

I’m going to copy the weather table from the almanac here for quick reference.

d6 weather result
1 light rain grow a bean
2 heavy rain grow a bean
3 light wind drop 1 die
4 heavy wind drop 3 die
5 storm grow a bean standing on 1 leg
6 calm nothing

Whittled a little penny whistle out of a reed while waiting for my beans to grow. I’ll play music for my beans to encourage them to grew nice and tall.

Day 3

Heavy rain today.

One of my beans has sprouted! Might be because of the rain, but probably because of the music I’m playing.

I love my beans.

Day 4

Uh oh, windy day

Good news is all of my beans are still really too small to be knocked around too much by the wind.

Bad news is, all of my beans are still really small.

Grow beans, grow! Don’t you like your music?

Day 5

Heavy rains today

The one bean that has sprouted so far is growing nice and tall.

At least this bean appreciates my music.

Come on, other beans!

Chased some birds away from the sprouts. Maybe need to make a scarecrow

Day 6

Dagnabbit, heavy winds today blew all the bean stalks over!

I’ll never get to participate in the Fancy Cat Fair at this rate!!

Day 7

Heavy winds continue. No stalks growing in this weather.

Caught some dogs sniffing around the edges of the farm. Might also need to build a scaredog.

Day 8

Winds abate but the rain falls heavy. One of the stalks is starting to regrow. Hope!

Day 9

Light but steady winds kicking up dust. Maybe I need to build a wind break around the beans….

Day 10

Heavy rains. Stalk number 5 is coming in strong. C’mon little beany kitty!

Day 11

Wind started to knock the stalks over again, but I ran out and shielded it from the weather. Definitely need a wind break.

Day 12

Stalk number 5 has started to produce a bean pod!!

Day 13

Only one week to the fair! At this rate, I hope I can grow at least one kitty in time to compete.

A huge dust storm kicked up, but miraculously the stalks are fine!!

Day 14

Light winds blew the pod off the stalks. Feeling discouraged.

Day 15

Bright, sunny day. No new growth.

Starting to feel the crunch. After today, there will need to be significant growth on the beans every day in order to harvest in time for the fair.

Day 16

Gentle rains.

A new seed pod on stalk 5!

Day 17

…but heavy winds lay the stalks down

Day 18

Another new pod. Fiver is trying really hard, a real survivor! But it’s probably too late at this point.

Day 19

Fiver growing strong!! The seed pod is large, plump, and mature. It’s heavy enough to bend the stalk over. I brought out a little pillow for it to rest on.

Day 20

Day of the fair. Gentle rains. I can see movement inside the seed pod as the cat rolls around inside. It looks nearly ready to burst! But not yet. Close, yet so far.

Day 21

The seed pod splits open! A beautiful smokey grey cat with blue eyes crawls out fully grown, mewling and hungry. What a beauty! What a specimen!

I don’t need any panel of judges to tell me how good a cat this is! I already know.

I name him Best In Show, and he is my best friend.

Me and Best go to the fair together and walk around, and I buy him treats from the vendors.

Maybe I’ll try to compete again next year. If so, I’ll give myself way more than 20 days to grow a new crop.

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