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Character Ideas: Grandma and Grandson

a lineage of characters I would play in dnd



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Potentially the number one way I engage with D&D, aside from actually playing it, is collecting character concepts and builds.

One of my players in the game I DM is currently writing his first adventure and is looking forward to running it soon. I am excited for this too for two reasons:

  1. I’m really proud of this player’s evolution from never-played-before just last year, to now designing and running his own adventures. They grow up so fast!

  2. I’ll get to play in a game with my group!

So I’ve been daydreaming about what kind of character to play, and I’ve come up with a primary/backup combo that I think I really like.

And much like my previous character idea, it involves a sort of family tree, because apparently I’m into that.


So the primary character is a sweet old grandma who’s new to adventuring, and is really only doing it because he grandson just started a campaign, and she wants to share his hobby with him and be able to relate to him better.

And that’s kind of the whole character concept.

As far as builds go, she could be basically anything. An Oath of Protection Paladin seems to be a good fit thematically. Or just a plain jane fighter. But I’m kind of thinking of going with a wicked Divine Soul sorcerer / Hexblade Pact of the Chain warlock multiclass for heals, utility, and quickened eldritch blasts. Why not.


So this is the fun part, I think. I’ll introduce the character as a novice, newbie adventurer with a glaive. He’s kind of skittish and has a lot to prove.

He’s a classic hexblade warlock, and his patron is his Grandma, who sends him little care packages and letters and stuff.


That’s it. I just really love the idea of these two characters and how they fit together. I like the Grandma who just really loves her grandson and wants to be closer to him and takes care of her party members as surrogate grandchildren. And I like the idea of a Grandma patron for a warlock. It’s fun.

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